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  • Kam Lasater

    Kam Lasater

    Co-founder of SeeClickFix. Entrepreneur by day, runner by morning, maker by night (http://t.co/2pZreMTv) and gardner by weekend (http://t.co/DBbkhcnt).

  • _


    Ferris Wheel of Turtles

  • MindMixer


    Building better communities by involving people in things they care about. Join | Contribute | Collaborate | Connect | community@mindmixer.com #mixthat

  • Cyndy Comerford

    Cyndy Comerford

    Policy and Planning Expert/Data Nerd. Housing, health, and climate advocate. Lover of cities, revolutions, and staircases.

  • Holger Kreis

    Holger Kreis

    working in projects with #drupal to manage issues in urban environments, like pot-holes, broken street lighting or lack of accessibility.

  • Kenneth Lipp

    Kenneth Lipp

    Journalist. Covert surveillance, law enforcement, federal courts, local tabloid fodder. Respondeat superior. If it can be destroyed by the truth it should be.

  • Kelly McGilvery

    Kelly McGilvery

    culture hustler. toledo booster. community builder.

  • Heikki Piipponen

    Heikki Piipponen

    Father and husband. Using Twitter for following #data #api #iot #cloud & stuff http://dataalbum.github.io.

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